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Adoption Information

: Submit a Kitten Application This application will help me better get to know you, your family and establish what you're looking for.  Apply Here


: Reserve your Kitten or Waitlist position
If your application is selected for adoption; And you are ready to join our waitlist; I will email instructions on placing your $200 waitlist deposit. We require a deposit to hold a current kitten or to be added to our waitlist. The deposit will be deducted from the final kitten cost. Deposits are non-refundable, but they can be transferred to future litters (up to 2 years). Please make sure to review our Information & FAQ section beforehand.


  • Acceptable forms of payment are Venmo, Cashier's Check or Cash.

  • Our kittens only become available for public selection at 6 weeks old. Waitlisted families have access to selection at 4 weeks old.

: Select a kitten & Sign the Adoption Agreement
Once a kitten(s) becomes available & you have selected your kitten(s), we will send the formal adoption contract to be electronically signed by us and the kitten purchaser. This includes our health guarantee, deposit agreement & general contract. Please read & review our standard agreements here & here


  • After selection is official, we will require a reservation deposit of $300 to secure the reservation of your kitten(s). Both the adoption agreement & reservation deposit will be due within 24 hours. If you fail to send both within 24 hours, we will treat your nonresponse as a rejection and offer the kitten to the next waitlister in line. 

: Prepare for your Kitten's Arrival

Our kittens go home between 10-14 weeks old. To prepare for his/her arrival you can take a look at our kitten supply list here. This list includes all mandatory, optional and recommended items. As well as our all time favorites!

                                     Options for pickup

  • In person - We welcome you to pick-up your kitten from our home in Leesburg, VA. 

  • Delivery opt 1 - We can deliver your kitten to your home if you live no more than 30 miles from 20175, No fee.

  • Delivery opt 2 - We can deliver the kitten to your home if it requires no more than 6 hours driving distance from 20175 for $30/hr roundtrip basis. (e.g., 1hr drive there = $30, 1hr drive back = $30).

  • If you fly in, we can meet you at the Dulles International Airport (IAD); No fee.

  • Final option, you can hire a flight nanny to bring your kitten to you. We DO NOT offering shipping (none of our kittens are to fly cargo)! Please review our Information page for more info on this option. 


Book a veterinarian appointment ahead of time! Many veterinarians have limited schedules; especially since post covid19. A good rule of thumb is 14 days prior to kitten coming home. Your kitten must be seen by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of you taking possession of the kitten in order for any health guarantees to remain intact, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  •  Conveniently, you may opt for your next FVRCP booster at this time. 

Humble beginnings; remember that your new kitten is just starting out in life and moving homes is a major adjustment! Far from their Mom & Littermates, familiar smells and daily life -  try to keep your kitten in a small, quiet, well ventilated space during his/her acclimation period. A bathroom, closet or other small but confined area will help them to not get overwhelmed. Make sure this space can house the litterbox, food & water dishes, a bed and some toys. 

Naturally, If you have younger or energetic children, try to practice indoor voices and soft handling in these early days. Little kittens & puppies do have the tendency to wiggle or make quick movements; Just like with our infants, sitting down while handling is a great effort to provide safety. 
If you have other animals in the home, very gentle & brief introductions will be helpful after 3 or 4 days have passed. It may help your other animals if you introduce some of the kittens scents through this initial period. After your kitten seems to be adjusting, allow them more and more space to explore!

    For more information, check out our detailed information & FAQ page.


Always feel free to contact me for advice or any questions I can assist in finding an answer to. 

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