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View our full list of FAQ's further down the page.


Are you a registered breeder?

Yes, I am registered with The International Cat Association ("TICA"). See the "MySweetRagdoll" cattery certificate below. Formerly "TheFabledWilds" cattery.


How do I reserve a kitten?

Check out our Steps to Adoption section.

All kittens are held by deposit only. Reserving a kitten is $3
00; current or waitlisted. Deposits are non-refundable. See FAQ below for more info.


Can I visit the cattery?

Our breeding program is completely home-based; We are not a "open to public" business. However, we do welcome those who have a deposit down on a current litter to visit when the kittens are 6+ weeks old or at the time of pick up. I am happy to share our visit protocol at your request. 


Where are you located?

The land of lovers; Proudly situated in the northern Leesburg, Virginia area.   


What does your kitten come with?

  • Written contract and two year genetic health guarantee. 

  • Comprehensive exam record given by my Vet; dewormed and age appropriate FVRCP vaccinations.

  • Spay/Neuter + TICA Registration or "to be" Spayed/Neutered contract with delayed registration per agreement.

  • Blanket, toys or specific favorites the kitten has enjoyed growing up with Mom & littermate's scent.

  • A lifetime of support & love from our family to yours.


Adoption Price

  • Companion Pet  - $900.

  • Show/Alter/Breed Quality - $2,500, priced individually.

  • Breeding rights - $3000 & only available to well established breeders registered under the TICA/CFA organization.

*Significant* Discount - When purchasing 2+ kittens & Returning families.

  • How do you raise your kittens?
    Our program starts with the parents! We maintain an above average veterinary routine for all breeding parents; this means beyond yearly wellness checkups. Our cats are fed the highest quality food as to keep their health in tip top shape and support both parents in their hormonal needs. Mom gets extra special attention in this area! Our kittens are hand-handled from birth until they go home with you. We assist Mom in delivery where it is necessary and ensure all goes smoothly not only for her but her offspring. For the first week, we measure their growth multiple times a day to keep on top of their progress. In some cases we may need to intervene & handfeed the kittens. Our breeding Mother's do an excellent job taking care of their newborns and do primarily all of the work the first two weeks of life. We handle them peacefully during this time but it isn't until the 3rd week that we begin our training processes. Mom gets monitored daily for hygiene, milk production and Mommy massages! At week three, we begin to introduce different types of food & water bowls; lukewarm water and kitten "mush". Soft brushing and nail grooming also takes place this week. In go a couple small toys! At week four, we introduce our training litter box with non-toxic pelletized litter. It's important to use a training box with non-clumping and non-toxic litter because the kittens can be curious munchers. During this week we continue grooming and handling, introducing a couple more toys and start making common household noises. At week five we've grown so much and move on from our birthing box to a spacious enclosed pen. This is where they will spend the remainder of their weeks as their "Safe place". In our playpen we have numerous toys, scratching post, different water bowls + fountains, a variety of feeding plates, texture mats placed on the ground, a fun new tunnel system to explore and an open but gated area where we can observe all the different animals in our home! At week six, we start to develop even more socialization skills because we can't stay in our large playpen - we want to explore! At this time Grandma (breeder) has prepared us for all the noise and chaos life can bring; we're fearless when it comes to the vacuum or changing the trash liner! We have grown comfortable hearing all the doggies barking, sniffing or getting excited! And we can't live without curiously tackling new pillows, blankets, surfaces, our animal companions and of course wrestling with Mom + Dad. During this stage we are learning where is appropriate to scratch, what we can bat at or chew on and how to leave the table tops for permission. We also have a some very fun cat towers that we spend majority of our time in, on or going through. At week seven, eight, nine and ten we are becoming independent and have been well adapted to our grooming, feeding, pottying, playing, exploring, noise and boundary needs. During these short weeks the kittens demonstrate loving purrs and coos when they share time with their humans and animal companions. It's a joy to watch them evolve and grow attachments and likeness to all things around them. True sweethearts!
  • What health test do you do on your cats?
    Every cat that resides in our home is tested negative for FeLV & FIV. Every breeding cat is DNA tested negative for the RD and MC HCM mutation, PKD, and other genetic flaws. We routinely test for infectious diseases & parasites and maintain clean fecal records.
  • Which vaccines will my kitten have?
    Age appropriate vaccinations & deworming schedule; depending on the age they generally go home with (2x FVRCP), deworming (3-4x), 2 comprehensive veterinarian exams and a clean fecal test. Once home, you will need to continue the FVRCP booster (1-2 more rounds). The Rabies vaccine is given at 6+ months of age and never with another vaccination or booster. Rabies is recommended to skip; as your Ragdoll will not be exposed to the outdoors. Do not give your Ragdoll shots for (FELV) Feline Leukemia Virus, (FIP) Feline Infectious Peritonitis or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus(FIV). There is no need to vaccinate against these diseases because your Ragdoll is an indoor cat and will not be at risk of exposure. Additionally, Ragdolls are sensitive to vaccines and caution as well as advisory & research should always be sought when considering the risk and necessity level of vaccinations.
  • At what age do your ragdoll kittens go to their new homes?
    Our kittens generally go home between 10-14 weeks of age; depending on assessment. It can seem like a lifetime waiting for your new kitten but this age requirement is not only the industry standard but it is in the best interest of the kitten! At these early formative weeks your kitten is rapidly developing emotionally, physically and mentally. Our home facilitates experienced socialization milestones as well as having Mom+Dad+Littermates to teach them things us humans cannot. A well adjusted kitten is well worth the extra few weeks!
  • Will my kitten be spayed or neutered?
    All kittens will be altered prior to going to their new home (early spay/neuter); unless otherwise discussed or listed. In the event the kitten is not altered - a spay/neuter agreement is included in the contract of sale. It will go home with the new owner and registration will be withheld until proof of alteration by a licensed veterinarian is submitted.
  • Can I declaw my cat?
    Our contract forbids this action. We respect your right to raise your kitten as you see fit, however this would be an unethical action towards your beloved pet. If you would like more information on this cruelty, I can supply many publications educating on the topic. Scratching is a natural behavior and characteristic of cats. We work with our kittens to discourage scratching improper surfaces and objects. With this, we also provide plenty of posts, cat trees & scratching mats. Ragdoll's are a particularly docile breed & we've never had an issue teaching them to redirect the behavior. I would venture to say that it is unlikely you'll have to continue any further training in this area.
  • How do I fill out the application?
    You can fill out our application here! Additionally, you can head over to our "Steps To Adoption" page.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Venmo, Cash, or Cashier's check. If paying by Venmo Purchase Protection, the Venmo fee must be included in your payment and is not credited towards the full purchase price. We do not accept personal checks, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram or payment plans.
  • What are your methods of contact?
    My email address is - You can text me @ (202)780-9211‬. If you prefer calling, we can schedule a time to talk after dialog is established; please understand that I filter through 40+ inquiries a day during an active litter. While also maintaining my career & household, independent of my hobby breeding.
  • Are there any discounts?
    Yes! The Ragdoll breed is great independently but we would love for them to go home in a pair or trio! We offer returning families & those purchasing more than one kitten a significant discount. 💜We love our families!
  • What is your deposit policy?
    Current kitten deposits are $300. Waitlist deposits are $200. Breeder/Show quality deposits are $500. All deposits are non-refundable and will be applied towards the total purchase price of the kitten. In certain events, the deposit is transferrable to a future litter within a 2 year period. Reservation of Rights. We reserve the right to refund any deposit at any time in the interest of our kittens and of the parties at our discretion.
  • Tell me about Shipping & Delivery?
    We do not ship our kittens. A flight nanny service (travels with the kitten in-cabin) is a notable option for those who cannot travel to pickup their kitten. This is a separate agreement between the Nanny service you select and yourself. We will meet you at the IAD (Dulles International Airport) airport; no delivery fee. We deliver within a 30 mile radius of 20175; no delivery fee. Additionally - We will deliver up to 6 hours driving distance from 20175 for a $30/hr (roundtrip basis, 1 hour = $60.00, 1 hour there, 1 hour back). We welcome & hope to meet every new family, pickup at our home is a free and happy option. 💜
  • What is your health guarantee?
    No breeder can promise with certainty that any kitten will be completely and 100% free of a genetic defect and grow up 100% healthy his or her entire life. Including guaranteed free from any congenital defect (something that causes a birth defect). However, we take all necessary precautions to reduce the odds of producing a genetically defective kitten by genetically test and screening all of our breeder Ragdolls for hereditary diseases and disorders prior to breeding. Kittens are negative for hereditary diseases and disorders through parentage. Hereditary diseases and disorders are genetic defects that transmit from parents to children through their genes. Congenital diseases and disorders are birth defects and are related to things that happened while the kitten was in utero. Our kittens are seen by a licensed veterinarian and examined for any possible apparent congenital issues prior to going to their new homes. Our genetic warranty covers hereditary defects for two years, and congenital defects for one year. Please review our sample health guarantee & contract.
  • What happens to your retired breeding cats? Do you offer guardian homes?
    No, I do not offer guardian home placement. I am a small scale, hobby breeder. My animals are my children and stay with me until their last of days. Once a cat or dog is spayed/neutered, they live happily amongst our family and grandparent our younger generations.
  • Do you actively compete in cat shows?
    At this time we do not! I am hopeful for the future as my breeding line develops more longevity & refinement.
  • Do you offer stud service?
    No, we do not. We are a closed cattery; we take intentional measure to ensure the health & safety of our breeding stock. Any time a cat is exposed to another cat from a different breeding program, poses a risk to infecting one another with some type of bacteria, virus or parasite.
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